Condo and HOA Websites are Vital

A website can be a very useful communication tool for communities for many reasons

Condo and HOA Websites are Vital

According to “some” state laws, Associations must publish the names & addresses of new board members within 30 days of their election. This can be easily posted to the association website.

In addition, “some” state laws require that all board meetings be open to all homeowners. Associations need to publish when their board meetings are in advance, so that homeowners are aware of the meeting dates.

Communicating often with the community brings everyone together. The owners aren’t in the dark wondering what the board is doing and what is planned.

Many communities will send out blast emails via the website to remind owners of upcoming meetings, yard sales, lost & found items, etc.

Most websites will include the following: Governing Documents, Rules & Regulations, Monthly Financial Statements, Meeting Minutes, Clubhouse Rental Forms, Architectural Change Request Forms, Calendar of social events & meetings, Pool house & info, Babysitter/Pet sitters, Directory of owners, etc.

All of this information, when made accessible to the owners,

usually helps alleviate frustration and answers many questions owners have

This usually results in a happier & better-run community