Capping and Cleaning Chimneys is Vital

Capping and Cleaning Chimneys can help Avoid a Fire

One fire safety responsibility that is often neglected is replacement of chimney caps.  A chimney cap is a screened cover that attaches to the top of a chimney with set screws.  An uncapped chimney admits rain that rusts metal fireboxes, flues and wood stoves.  It also lets animals nest within the chimney, leading to a possible flue blockage and allows potentially hazardous embers to escape.

For installation, call a chimney cleaning repair service and combine the job with chimney inspection and cleaning, flashing repair and mortar repointing if needed.

Capping and Cleaning Chimneys to prevent fires

Cleaning Chimneys

Cleaning Chimneys is necessary to ensure they are fire safety compliant.  Chimney sweeps perform such inspections inexpensively and the homeowners association should schedule and pay for one for every chimney.  Cleaning costs are typically borne by the homeowners whose chimneys require it.

Chimney caps and inspection are often out of sight and out of mind until a fire breaks out.   Don’t forget to include the cost of inspection in the operating budget so it isn’t overlooked next year.