Dog Poop Police – Really!

BioVet Pet Lab, a Tennessee based company has announced its new program for homeowner associations called “PooPrints” – dog poop DNA matching.  BioVet clearly states in the second sentence of their press release that this program is targeted toward homeowner associations.  Homeowner Associations will need to require all dog owners to register their pet’s DNA at an initial cost of $29.95 per pet.  BioVet will keep all DNA samples in their system.  When Fido leaves a gift on your front lawn, you simply put the gift in a plastic baggie and mail it off to BioVet.  For just $49.95 per pile of poop, you will have the culprit’s name and address and can turn the violator in to the board for admonishment.

Clearly dog waste is a nuisance, and in extreme circumstances it can be a health risk.

HOA’s are so prevalent that indeed, they have become an “industry” unto themselves.  As a result, new businesses are springing up to meet the “needs” of the industry.  According to BioVet there is a huge need, “… 75 million dogs in the U.S. producing 3.6 billion pounds of dog waste per year. That is equivalent to filling 800 football fields one foot high.”

I suppose time will only tell if PooPrints is a program that will genuinely meet a need for homeowners associations across America.

Every HOA board deals with pet rules.