Make Some Time For Your Condo or HOA

It may make a difference

I am the “new kid on the block” in my community only living here a five years (in comparison to many neighbors who built here forty to fifty years ago). My half-acre lot is host to several flower and vegetable gardens, where I relax and contemplate life.

Several months after moving in, I was in the yard wresting with weeds so tall… I couldn’t see the tops. A neighbor driving his tractor past the house hollered at me to attend the homeowner association meeting.  I smiled and waived and thought to myself, “why on earth would I do that?”

Two years later I learned why I should have become involved, as our community was ripped apart by a bitter lawsuit and very un-neighborly behavior.   The board members (and their spouses) found themselves in a new community role, that of “defendant”. Neighbors stopped speaking to one another; there was even a death threat. My beautiful respite became a battleground.  All it took was one disgruntled homeowner to set World War III in motion.

Had I known I would involuntarily become party to a lawsuit, I think I would have been a little more pro-active in understanding my homeowners association early on.  If you live in an HOA, you should take some time to understand more about it.

printed in association times

Make some time for your condo or hoa.  It may make a difference