Condo & HOA Movie and Music Nights

HOA Music

If your Condominium or Homeowners Association is planning to show movies or play music for the community, be aware that they are required to obtain license approval first. This is required even if no fee is charged and admission is limited to Association members & guests.

As long as there is no karaoke or live singers performing, an annual license from ASCAP can be purchased that will allow the HOA to play recorded music. To give you an example of the cost, if your Condo/HOA has 500 members, the license is $100.


HOA Movie Nights

Movies can be shown with either a blanket license or on a per-title basis. A blanket license, that includes permission for unlimited use for any titles from all the major studios, can be obtained from MPLC. This cost is approx $750 per year. If your Association prefers to purchase a license on a per-title basis, these can be purchased through companies such as Criterion, USA or Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. The cost varies depending on the movie.