Paving and Sweeping Specs as part of a Maintenance Program

Selecting a Paving and Sweeping Company

Studies have been conducted that show that pavement sweeping on a monthly basis, along with a good quality seal coat every 3 years, will extend the life of asphalt by as much as 85%. Without such, the abrasive sands and aggregate erode the pavement surface as traffic impacts the asphalt. Sweeping costs are fractional in comparison to resurfacing, and miniscule in comparison to pavement replacement. A maintenance program of sweeping and seal coating could reduce expenses between 50 and 85 percent annually over a ten year period. Because this preventive maintenance is so important, associations which own pavement surfaces, such as a parking lot in a condominium, should consider contracting for monthly pavement sweeping.

Paving and Sweeping Specs

Paving and Sweeping Specs

Sample Bid Specifications

  • Sweep with a brush sweeper removing all the sand, gravel, litter, and vegetation
  • Blow out all corners and parking blocks
  • Blow out and around all dumpsters
  • Blow off all sidewalks adjacent to any parking area
  • Blow around and under all parked vehicles
  • Blow the dust off all vehicles afterwards
  • Blow out any areas inaccessible to the sweeper
  • Shovel and scrape any dirt washed into the lot that is too heavy for the sweeper
  • Dispose of all sweepings into dumpsters or haul to offsite waste disposal
  • Maintain dust control at all times
  • Use low noise backpack blowers to minimize inconvenience
  • Inspection by supervisor when work is completed

General Provisions 

Contractor shall:

  • Furnish all material, equipment, and labor for pavement sweeping
  • Provide adequate supervision to assure that all work will be done according to specifications
  • Deploy sweeping equipment that is presentable, mechanically sound, safe
  • Supply Certificate of Insurance evidencing coverages of workers compensation and general liability
  • Accept responsibility for loss due to property damage or bodily injury
  • Submit a proposal for weekly, monthly, and quarterly pavement sweeping service
  • Include a quote for emergency or special request pavement sweeping (as may become necessary due to torrential wash outs)
  • Complete work between 7am and 5pm, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays
  • Negotiate a contract to be in force for twelve months, cancelable by either party with 30 days written notice

Published by Association Times: August 2008