Tips for Community Association Minutes

Community Association Minutes are very Important

Got a Sec?

Okay, the Annual meeting has just adjourned and the new Board is meeting for the first time. First on the agenda is the election of officers for the upcoming fiscal year. Who is interested in being nominated for President? Nomination, 2nd, all vote for “Bob”. One down. Who is interested in being nominated for Vice President? Nomination, 2nd, all vote for “Karen”. Two down. (Whew!) Next is Secretary…the question is asked…no takers…dead silence…

Why is that? I venture to say that the position of being the Board Secretary is thought of to be stressful, time consuming, and difficult. Well, it doesn’t need to be any of these. Yes, the Secretary needs to listen to what’s going on in the meeting and does have to take notes and write the actual minutes and distribute them. Yes, the Secretary needs to listen to what’s going on in the meeting and does have to take notes and write the actual minutes and distribute them, but the vote on approving the minutes at the next meeting-thus agreeing to what is written. If something is thought to be different then what is recorded, it is their responsibility to speak up and have the minutes amended. Then a majority must agree.

Community Association Minutes is a job of the Board Secretary

·      So what needs to be in the minutes? No dissertations, please! The minutes are simply a record of the who, where, when, what, and how of a meeting. Keep it simple, to the point, and easy to read/review.

·      What are the minutes of? (“Name of Community” Board of Directors)

·      When was the meeting? (e.g. September 30, 2009)

·      Where was the meeting? (e.g. Management Co. offices or name & address)

·      Who was present? (List all Board members, guests, and if management company representative is present- that person who is not really a guest, because the Board hires the management company)

·      Equally important- who was absent? (Board members and manager, if appropriate)

·      What time was the meeting called to order? (e.g. 5:30p)

·      Motions of the Board should be recorded exactly as proposed. If the motion is unanimously approved, it is not necessary to say who made the motion and seconded it. Only in the case of dissension or if a member requests, does any name need to be put with the motion. Defeated motions do not need be recorded, but many if someone thinks it prudent.

·      Committee reports- list name of committee and accomplishments briefly. If the Board wants more details recorded for prosperity (or some other reason), the reports should be submitted in writing and attached to the minutes.

·      Actions- what the Board has decided needs doing, who’s responsible for its completion, and the expected completion date e.g. (ACTION- Bob to speak with approved painting contractor before November 1, 2009)

·      Briefly list any other items on the agenda that had discussion

·      Date of the next meeting

·      Time of adjournment

·      Name and position of person writing and submitting the minutes. E.g. Bobbie Jo Barrett, Secretary “respectfully submitted” is not required- were minutes ever submitted “un-respectfully”?

So, there you have it…simple. You don’t need to be scholar, writer, or even someone who is good at interpreting. If you don’t get it right- one of your fellow board members will help. Remember you are all in this together…volunteers working for the betterment of your community and carrying out your fiduciary responsibilities, working with each other…a unit.

Published in Association Times: 2008