If the Condo Board or Association is Sued

If the Condo Board or Association is sued:

Steps to Take

Make a written note immediately of the name of the person who was served with the papers, the time and the date. Your attorneys and insurance carrier will need to know this information, as you have only 30 days in which to make some response.

Do not take a lawsuit lightly. Do not put the lawsuit in a drawer or someone’s mail slot and wait for the person to see it. If you fail to protect your rights, the courts may not help to save you from your own mistakes, or it may cost you a great deal more to undo the errors.

Immediately send a copy of the lawsuit to your attorneys and your insurance carriers. Depending on your insurance policies and the nature of the claim, there mayor may not be insurance coverage, and you may need to have your attorneys take the initial steps to protect your rights in the lawsuit.


Condo association is sued