Property Manager Errors and Omission Claims


errors and omission claims that are common


TOP 10 List of E&O Claims for Property Managers

1. Diminished Property Value- Due to Improper Maintenance of Managed Properties

2.  Loss of Income- Reduction of Rents Due to Poor Upkeep of Managed Properties

3.  Discrimination- related to Leasing of Property

4.  Discrimination- related to Implementation of Rules or CC&Rs of an Association Managed by a PM

5.  Wrongful Termination of Property Manager’s Employee(s)

6.  Wrongful Termination of Property Owner’s Employee(s) Under PM’S Supervision

7.  Claims involving the Properties Owned By a PM

8.  Claims Arising Out of the Sales of Real Estate

9.  Claims By the Owners of Managed Properties Against PM

10. Administrative & Licensing Actions Against PM

Other Property Manager E&O Claims

11. Claims Arising Out of Internet Services Provided

12. Claims by Independent Contractors