HOA Board of Director Test

Board of Director Test

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New Condo and HOA Board Members should take a Director Test to see what they know.

True   False

1 – The association board of director’s authority is set forth in the articles of incorporation?

2 – The association by-laws set forth how (a) directors and officers are elected; (b) notice requirements for meetings; (c) who is eligible to vote; (d) the terms for officers and directors?

3 – Original by-laws cannot be amended to reflect the changing needs of the association?

4 – The procedures for amending, the by-laws require a unanimous vote of the association membership?

5 – State law requires that board members read the by-laws prior to taking office?

6 – By-laws take precedence over state law?

7 – The procedures set forth in the By-laws are only advisory and need not be followed?

8 – Actions of a Board of directors can be invalidated if the board was not properly elected or formed?

9 – A Not For Profit community association is not held to the same standard of a For Profit board of directors.

10 – The board of directors’ cannot be sued if it chooses not to enforce the rules set forth in the CC&Rs?

11 – The board of director’s is only responsible for claims asserting monetary damages?

12 – The CC&Rs set forth the board’s authority to govern?

13 – The CC&Rs take precedence over state law?

14 – The CC&Rs need to be updated periodically to comply with new changes in the law?

15 – The CC&Rs set forth the rules and regulations for life in a community association?

16 – The CC&Rs are not applicable to a member if he or she has not read them prior to moving into an assoc.?

17 – The board of directors are required to adhere to all rules promulgated by the hired property managers?

18 – The board of directors and its association members are immune for liability if they took action pursuant to the advice of an attorney?

19 – The board of directors cannot be sued if the property management company fires or harasses an association employee?

20 – The board of directors cannot be sued for making the wrong decision regarding what insurance to procure for the association, or the amount of limits as long as some type of insurance is purchased?

21 – The board of directors cannot be sued for breach of contract by a third party vendor?

22 – The board of directors, the association, or association volunteers cannot be sued for libel or slander based on things put in an association newsletter or an association web page?

23 – The board of directors can be sued for a claim by an association member for interference with right of quiet enjoyment of the member’s property?

24 – A board or its association cannot be sued for more than $1 million for a board’s mistake?

25 – If the board of directors has insufficient limits of liability, the association members cannot be held responsible for a judgment in excess of the purchased insurance limits, an no assessment can be issued for the uncovered amount?