Tips for a Community Website

Top 10 Tips…Community Website…Your Technology Roadmap

Tips for Community Website

  1. The value of a Community Website – Why do I need a Website? What are the benefits? What are my choices? How do I integrate my systems? How do I get started? How do I market my Web sites?
  2. How do I increase Web utilization – Is my site easy to use? Is the information relevant? How do I get more people involved?
  3. User-friendly technology – Do I have a self-contained solution? Is it visually appealing? Does it invite interaction?
  4. Does it reduce phone calls? Does it provide answers? Here is a FREE White Paper for more information on Technology Adoption.
  5. How to differentiate – What makes you different? Your company? Your services and solutions? Why should anybody do business with you? Can I be different? What are advantages of online marketing?
  6. Save time, money and headaches – Are my services automated? How do I reduce inbound calls? How can I be available around-the-clock? How can efficiently manage all service requests? Add value vs. competitors – What are my value-added services? Do I provide mass communication tools? Cost effective print services? Can you pay online? Is it easy to book amenities? Are calendars visible to all?
  7. How to go mobile – Why do I need to access solutions via mobile devices? What solutions are available today? What are some best practices? Can I afford it?
  8. What is the technology landscape – Who are the players? What do they offer? Who are the best-in-class? What integrations are available for my current systems? What are some best practices?
  9. How to optimize technology – Can I get an all-in-one solution? Why are there so many support issues? Can I get a cost effective total solution? What are the benefits of a fully integrated solution?
  10. Benefits of managing your data flow – Difference between data flow and managed data flow? Why is it important to me? How can I manage my data better and faster with accuracy? Is my data safe and secure? Are there revenue opportunities for me if I optimize technology?