Tips for Snowplow Season

For those associations that have contracts to have their roads and/or driveways plowed,

Here are a few things to keep in mind

Associations may also consider alerting their members as to the Board’s expectations of the selected snowplow contractor and who to contact, whether it be a managing agent or a board member, should the contractor in any way fail to meet these expectations.  This may include alerting the management company or board member that your roads or driveway have not been plowed, that the plowing is being done improperly, or that the plow has caused any type of damage.

Tips for SnowPlow Season

 In the event that damage is caused by a snowplow, be sure to document the date and time of the occurrence, and if possible, take pictures of the damage. Seeking reimbursement from a contractor is much easier if these steps are followed.

During the season, it is important to be patient, but to also be diligent of the changing weather, and alert to the happenings outside your window to be sure that contracts are fulfilled.

Every association should make sure that its snowplow contract is in effect before the first snowfall.  When the inevitable snow does come, it is important for unit owners to keep the roads and driveways clear so that the contractors can do their jobs.  Often times, this means that owners must be aware of the changing weather in order to move cars off of the roads and driveways.  Owners should put their cars into garages (if at all possible) the night before a snowfall to ensure that the roads and driveways are plowed the following day. This will also minimize any possible damage to vehicles from the snowplows.