Top Claims for Director’s and Officer’s Insurance

Top Claims for Director's and Officer's Insurance

Top Claims for D & O Insurance

Negligence – the board’s failure to adhere to bylaws, failure to publicize elections, and failure to properly tally votes/proxies

Challenges regarding power granted the board by the bylaws

Improper removal of board members

Decisions resulting in physical damage to the association’s property

Challenges to assessments

Approval of variances

Breach of fiduciary duty

Challenges to ARC decisions

Questions or Challenges regarding easements

Failure to maintain common areas.  Diminished property value due to improper maintenance of managed properties

Discrimination – related to implementation of rules of cc&rs of an Association

Defamation of a member by the board of directors

A vendor sues the board and the Association for breach of contract

A unit owner sues to compel the board to purchase insurance

The community manager sues the Association for slander seeking emotional distress damages

A unit owner sues the board because a volunteer sexually harasses a child at the pool

The Association’s doorman sues for wrongful termination

An outgoing board president sues to challenge the validity of an election

A unit owner sues to challenge an assessment for a new pool

A unit owner sues to prevent the removal of trees in the common areas