Parking Rules and Condos

parking rules and condos

One of the biggest issues affecting residents in condominium associations

are the parking rules and restrictions

Due to limited parking spaces, most condo associations create and enforce parking rules

Many prospective homebuyers don’t consider the parking rules before they make an offer to purchase a condo

Based on the community, parking may be allowed in different types of locations

Different types of vehicles may not be allowed to be parked on the property

Reasons for Parking Rules:

  • Residents usually have more cars than assigned spaces
  • Residents may park in guest spots
  • Certain types of vehicles that are prohibited are parked on the property anyway
  • Cars may be parked in loading zones & fire lanes
  • Vehicles may block driveways, handicap ramps, elevators or fire exits
  • Non-permitted cars may park in designated handicap spaces
  • Parking cars on the streets may be prohibited by the governing documents or local government
  • Cars may be left running while unattended
  • Inoperative  cars may be stored on the property
  • Parking spaces may be used instead for storage of personal property
  • Parking spaces may be used to wash or repair cars
  • Cars may leak oil onto the parking areas
  • Cars may sometimes be parked on the lawn

Typical Parking Rules:

  • Residents may only use their assigned spaces
  • Guest spaces & their use may be limited
  • Residents must inform guests of the condo parking rules
  • Residents may not park in their driveway overnight
  • Parking isn’t allowed on the streets
  • Spaces may be for car parking only.  Storage of personal items, including bikes or motorcycles is prohibited
  • All cars on the property must be operable
  • Cars may not be washed or repaired on the property
  • Campers, RVs and other oversize vehicles may not be allowed to park overnight
  • Commercial vehicles may be prohibited from parking in your driveway or on the property overnight
  • The Association may require registration of your car and assign you a parking decal/permit

Violating the Parking Rules may subject the resident to fines.  In addition, cars that are in violation of the rules may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense

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