Pets and Condos and Rules

Pets are banned in many condos

Pets are Banned or Restricted in many Condos

If pets are allowed in a Condo, there are usually rules to handle any potential issues.

Sample issues are:

  • aggression
  • noise  (may require full carpet over a hardwood floor)
  • animal waste
  • odors
  • damage to condos
  • health concerns
  • environmental concerns

If an Association decides to ban pets, the following actions may be needed:

  • Hire an attorney to prepare an amendment to the governing documents
  • Review the Master Insurance policy for possible changes
  • Post signs advising residents
  • Approve a Rule that would grandfather the pets that are already living in the condos
  • Ensure that new owners and renters are aware of the rules before the move in
  • Establish fines for failure to comply


  •  Condos may be forced to allow certain pets such as a therapy dog
  •  Condos may be forced to ban all pets due to some owners with allergies
  •  The Board must be consistent with all the owners
  •  Some governing documents may state that pets aren’t allowed.  However this rule may not be enforced

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