Request Community Documents

As soon as you become interested in a community, request community documents from the seller


Ensure that the seller pays any required fees in order to obtain the documents.  This should be done on a timely basis, so you will have time to review the information.

*** Different States and Different Associations may have different rules regarding document inspections***

request your community documents for a condo or hoa

Document Request Rules may include:

  • A signed request from homeowner
  • Only a specific list of documents available
  • Must request documents ten days in advance
  • There may be charges for copies, etc

These documents are usually not available to homeowners:

  • Any communications with legal counsel
  • Information regarding contracts or transactions under negotiation or containing confidentiality requirements
  • Collection proceedings
  • Violations of rules or governing documents
  • Executive session of minutes
  • Personnel matters

***NOTES  – regarding Real Estate Agents:

  •  Validate everything your realtor tells you about the condominium or homeowners association.
  •  Your realtor will usually provide the governing documents to review as part of the purchase process, but many of them will not get involved or read them.
  • Real estate agents should be promoting a full inspection and review of the Condo/HOA Association documents.  They should also recommend objective experts that can assist the buyer with the Condo/Hoa inspection & due diligence (

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