Avoid Condo and HOA Horrors


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The following links are provided by Ward Lucas – Neighbors at War

Wow! Great Article!

Fort Worth Weekly entitled “Hostage, Sweet Hostage.

The story of a family who moved into a Texas HOA looking for security and safety. But an argument over a vehicle led to harrassment, fines, lawsuits and has cost this family their peace of mind.

This gated HOA has used a weapon against the family: locking the gate so they can’t reach their home, their guests can’t visit, the babysitter can’t enter to care for the kids. And when the family protests, HOA officials just flatly refuse to talk to them.

Evan McKenzie. Law professor and author. King of all HOA blogs.

Two of the sites operated by George Staropoli, the Stallion of all HOA blogs.

Jonathan Friedrich, continuing to make waves in Nevada. He’s now running for Assemblyman.

This guy has thought of arguments that no one ever dreamed existed!

Smart, smart, smart!

Jan Bergemann’s site. An absolute genius in the HOA fight.

Foreclosure based. Some occasionally good stuff.

Another lawyer, this one Texas-based.

Newspaper. Florida-based. Sometimes worth following.

California-based. Worth an occasional look.

Law professor, some good info.

A Mom’s blog about HOAs forbidding kids to play outside. The comments are the best part.

John L. Smith, a very smart and informed columnist from the Las Vegas Review Journal


An honest lawyer? Hmmm, imagine that! Maryland-based.

Some interesting info.

Good info. Panic among HOA lawyers as they lose a 4 million dollar suit in Hawaii!

Written by lawyers! Whew! What can we do?

Ugh! More lawyers. Mostly about Florida law. Sometimes they stink. Sometimes they’re good.

TV News based. Some pretty interesting stories.