Most Hated Homeowners Association Rules


Be aware of these Five most popular hated rules


The 5 most common rules in Condos and HOA's that everyone hates

Typical Association Rules


  • Rules about noise
  • Rules such as hardwood floors must be covered if unit is not on the ground floor
  • Dog waste must be picked up
  • Rules about where to walk them
  • Urine on grass must be diluted immediately


  • Spaces may be limited
  • There may not be enough spaces for owners or guests
  • Rules may require cars to be marked and spots assigned
  • RVs, boats and work vans may not be allowed to park on property overnight


  • Owners have no control over dues increases
  • Sometimes owners are surprised with large Special Assessments

Work at Home:

  • Owners may not be allowed to work at home.  Even if their work is mainly using a computer


  • Rules on how you can decorate the exterior of your home:  flowers, paint colors, flags, etc.

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