Using A Buyer’s Agent

Using a Buyer's Agent to Buy your Home

Why and How to Use a Buyer’s Agent to buy your next home

With the internet and all the real estate tools available today it’s possible to buy your home almost completely without the help of real estate professionals.  It’s possible, but not recommended.   The housing market is basically local and each city and community association has local laws that need to be understood.   The buyer’s agent may also be knowledgeable about certain communities and their history.  It helps to have a team of professionals to assist you.

To Start

Start by finding an agent who can represent your interests in the home search.  It’s more difficult then you’d expect.  The majority of sellers list their home with a real estate agent, but these agents are working for the seller, not you. You should look for an “exclusive buyers agent”.  These agents may be paid by you or they can split the commission that the seller’s agent gets upon the sale.   A buyer’s agent has the same access to homes for sale as a seller’s agent, however, their allegiance is only to you. When looking for an agent, there are hybrid agencies called dual-agency brokers.  In this case, an individual agent in the firm may represent either sellers or buyers, or both, in the same transaction.  Potential conflicts of interest arise in this situation.  If you need a buyer’s agent but an exclusive buyers agent isn’t available, ask the agent about any conflicts of interest.