Remodeling your Home in a Condo or HOA ?

If you plan on remodeling your home and you live in a Condo or Homeowners association, there are some things to consider first:

Submit your plans, pictures and any sample materials to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  Submit it early as some community associations have up to 30 days to review the plans and approve/deny them.  They may also require that certain changes be made before its approved and this could take additional time.  They may also require that certain permits are needed.

The contract should specify that the contractor will get all permits and arrange for inspections on your behalf.  A lack of permits can slow completion and increase cost and frustration.

Make your neighbors aware of your plans.   If there are construction vehicles blocking the street, alerting them in advance will allow them to possibly change their schedule/make other plans.

Be aware of the times that your contractor has agreed to work.  Consider including in your contract some stipulations such as:   No chain saws on Saturday/Sunday mornings, No Flood lights at 2am, etc.

If they use dumpsters – make sure they are there timely and removed promptly.  Also ensure that the contractor cleans the area thoroughly.   Make sure you include in the contract that they should sweep with magnets for nails