Difference between Board of Directors and Officers of HOAs


What are Directors and Officers in a Community Association?

Directors and Officers in Community Associations are required by its Bylaws.  Condominium and Homeowners Associations are required to elect a Board of Directors which is responsible for enforcing its governing documents.   The process for doing so is outlined in their governing documents and is usually found in the Bylaws.

There is a big difference between Directors and Officers:

Directors/Board Members/Board of Directors are the same position

Condo and HOA board members are elected ...

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HOA and Service of Process

Service of Process is different in every state

The Service of Process Clerk accepts service of process of legal documents (summons & complaints, notices & demands, etc) on behalf of corporations, LLCs and other entities registered with the  Secretary of State.  After receipt, the Agent perfects service by forwarding the documents to the last known address of the Registered Agent.

If the Registered Agent cannot be found:

The Secretary of State becomes the statutory substitute agent for service of process.  They ...

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Board 101: What Are the Duties of a Condo or Co-op Board Secretary?

Time to do the minutes. See?  Bet you didn’t know there were board-secretary jokes!  What else do co-op / condo board members and residents not know about the position of board secretary? For one thing, he or she is responsible for a lot more than just the minutes. How much more? Hours’ worth!  Read More……

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