The Trend is: HOA Managers Going Green

How HOA Managers Going Green can Save Money

What exactly does “going green” mean? It can be as simple as considering a few paperless options in our day-to-day operations.

The environment is a hot topic in community associations and their management companies. One of our biggest hurdles is the seemingly endless amount of paper that our industry produces. Managers and management companies are doing their part to reduce the amount of paper they ...

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Contracting Vendors – Required Documents

Contracting Vendors – Info Needed

Dear Vendor:

Our Association’s policy requires that all partners and vendors with whom we do business supply us with information concerning their operations. This policy is in accordance with good business practices regarding licensing, insurance and taxes.

In order to receive prompt payment, we must have the following information on file:

a. Completed Vendor information Sheet

b. Completed W-9 form for Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number

c. Certificate of Workers Compensation ...

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Typical Community Association Records

The following is a list of typical community association records:

A. Annual calendar of events

B.  As-built facility plans

  • 1. Structures
  • 2. Utilities
  • 3. Roads / sidewalks
  • 4. Sprinkler systems
  • 5. Building mechanical systems
  • 6. Recreational facilities
  • 7. Public lighting

C. Board of directors

  • 1. Term of present board members
  • 2. List of all previous board members
    • a. Name
    • b. Term served by dates
    • c. Person whom board member replaced

D. Committees

  • 1. Committee structure for each committee to include:
  • 2. Purpose
  • 3. Organization
  • 4. Operations
  • 5. Responsibilities
  • 6. Minutes and reports for each committee

E. Contact sheet for key association ...

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