Social Media Policy for HOAs

YouTwitFace – Social Media and How it Relates to Your Homeowners Association

By: Trisha K. Harris

Today’s associations understand the need to convey, and even over-communicate, important information to their members.  To that end, some associations have jumped into the cyberworld with their own Facebook and/or Twitter pages.  Before jumping in with both feet, however, associations should consider adopting a social media policy.  Before putting together such a policy, the board ...

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Build Community in your Community

Why Community is Important

According to author Brent Herrington, community associations, and the people who lead them, are either administrative or aspirational.

Administrative associations operate under the premise that a community association is a neighborhood housekeeping organization whose sole purpose is to maintain common elements and enforce rules. The board and the manager running an administrative association tend to regard a high level of resident apathy as a compliment. They believe the more invisible and unnoticed the association becomes, the ...

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