Background of Community Associations

Tip O’Neill, longtime Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, coined the phrase “All politics is local.” He wasn’t speaking of community associations, but he could have been. There’s nothing more local than electing your neighbors to the governing board of your community association.

More than a million neighbors serve on community association boards. They’ve been elected by the more than 57 million Americans who live in almost 300,000 associations—from city-sized planned communities and condominium complexes to gated town-house communities and ...

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HOA Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities

Principles for Homeowners and Community Leaders


HOA Rights

Homeowners Have the Right To:

  • A responsive and competent community association.
  • Honest, fair and respectful treatment by community leaders and managers.
  • Participate in governing the community association by attending meetings, serving on committees and standing for election.
  • Access appropriate association books and records.
  • Prudent expenditure of fees and other assessments.
  • Live in a community where the property is maintained according to established standards.
  • Fair treatment regarding financial and other association ...
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Common Community Association Industry Terms

Glossary of Terms


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Also referred to as ADR. Any form of dispute resolution other than by formal court proceedings.  Can include mediation, arbitration, etc.


An informal trial proceeding used to settle disputes rather than pursuing formal court proceedings.  A decision by an arbitrator can be either binding (final decision) or non-binding (parties may ignore decision).

Areas of Responsibility

A document that outlines and defines the maintenance and/or insurance obligations of the association and its board of directors.

Articles of Incorporation

Documentation filed with a ...

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