Don’t Hire a Contractor Without this Info

Critical Documents Required from an Independent Contractor

 W-9 Form

Ask the contractor to update this form annually.  This form provides the information you need to give them a Form 1099 at year-end.   They will pay taxes on any Form 1099 income.

Scope of Work  –  Initialed and signed by both parties


Independent Contractors Agreement – protect yourself/business/community association

Items that must be addressed and included in the Independent Contractors Agreement are included in the post: Continue Reading →


Typical Scams by Independent Contractors


Perform Due Diligence before signing a contract.   Research the contractor thoroughly.

Some common scams by independent contractors include:

I need the Money Upfront, Before I Start the Job

  • Never prepay more than $1,000 or 10% of the total contract amount
  • Pay for the work as certain stages are complete.  Include this in the contract

Take My Word for It

  • All terms agreed to by the parties should be in writing and be part of the final contract
  • Although promised verbally, any agreed to extras/upgrades outside of ...
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Remodeling your Home in a Condo or HOA ?

If you plan on remodeling your home and you live in a Condo or Homeowners association, there are some things to consider first:

Submit your plans, pictures and any sample materials to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  Submit it early as some community associations have up to 30 days to review the plans and approve/deny them.  They may also require that certain changes be made before its approved and this could take additional time.  They may also require that certain ...

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