Hiring a Contractor? Put Everything in Writing and Include These Terms!


When hiring an Independent Contractor, certain details should be discussed and documented ahead of time.  This is important to avoid disputes later on and to ensure that an Independent Contractor is not considered an employee by the IRS.

Why you need a written contract

For many of the projects that you would hire an independent contractor for, there is no legal requirement to have a written contract.   But that doesn’t mean you should rely on just a verbal contract. ...

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Tips For Buying a Newly Built Condo

Buying a Newly Built Condominium?

There are vital issues to consider when buying a newly built condo:

  • Not all condo developers are created equal
  • It is safer to buy in a complex that has been completed, or is close to completion
  • If not complete, there is no assurance that the developer will complete it.  You may be trapped in a partially completed project.
  • Are there any lawsuits filed against the developer?  If so, it may cause the developer to ...
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How Community Associations Hire Contractors

As the housing market recovers, community associations are once again looking to hire contractors for community improvement projects. However, before entering into a contract, it pays to “shop around. Here’s some tips on how to hire contractors:  Read More……


Hire Contractors

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