Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Maintenance Checklist for Condos, HOAs and Homeowners

Buildings:  Look for sagging gutters, loose window frames, deteriorating concrete or brickwork, missing roof shingles, or water damage under.  Look for evidence of water ponding around building foundations.  Fill and regrade for positive drainage.  Ponding on walkways can be cured by clearing ground drains or installing drain tile pipe to carry water away

Landscaping:  Clean up fallen branches and leaves.  Use a mulching mower to spread clippings evenly over the lawn and fertilize ...

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Capping and Cleaning Chimneys is Vital

Capping and Cleaning Chimneys can help Avoid a Fire

One fire safety responsibility that is often neglected is replacement of chimney caps.  A chimney cap is a screened cover that attaches to the top of a chimney with set screws.  An uncapped chimney admits rain that rusts metal fireboxes, flues and wood stoves.  It also lets animals nest within the chimney, leading to a possible flue blockage and allows potentially hazardous embers to escape.

For installation, call a chimney cleaning ...

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Preventive Maintenance Builds Value

Many community associations are growing old and not always gracefully.  Dry rot, extensive wood boring insect damage, leaking roofs, siding falling off, water intrusion and hefty additional assessments seem to be the order of the day due to the lake of funding reserves properly.  Letting major preventive maintenance items slide year after year is not the answer.  Homeowner’s property in associations that are well maintained will sell faster and for more money.  It’s a matter of ...

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