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When shopping for a new home, many buyers focus on both the location and the size of the condo or house. Is the house near good schools? close to work? Is the condo or house large enough? Are there enough bedrooms?

These are all important questions. However, the questions you don’t ask are just as important

  • Will my dog be allowed?
  • Are there rental restrictions?
  • Can I drive my work truck home (and park it in my driveway)?
  • Is parking limited? What are the parking rules?
  • Is smoking restricted?
  • What types of fences are allowed?
  • Are any major repairs being planned?
  • Has a reserve study been done?
  • Are the reserves under-funded?
  • When was the last time dues were increased?
  • Has there been a special assessment? Is one planned?
  • What % of owners are delinquent?
  • Does the Association Board/Management company have a Fidelity Bond?
  • Does the Board communicate well with the owners?
  • and more.

Homebuyers in Condos and HOAs need to realize how important it is for them to get all the information on the Association that they can, before they make a purchase offer on a new home.

Condo & HOA Smart performs the Due Diligence on your behalf and helps reduce your risk on your purchase. We analyze the financial health of the Association and determine if there are potential livability issues.

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