Remodeling your Home in a Condo or HOA ?

If you plan on remodeling your home and you live in a Condo or Homeowners association, there are some things to consider first:

Submit your plans, pictures and any sample materials to the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  Submit it early as some community associations have up to 30 days to review the plans and approve/deny them.  They may also require that certain changes be made before its approved and this could take additional time.  They may also require that certain ...

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Hiring a Contractor? Put Everything in Writing and Include These Terms!


When hiring an Independent Contractor, certain details should be discussed and documented ahead of time.  This is important to avoid disputes later on and to ensure that an Independent Contractor is not considered an employee by the IRS.

Why you need a written contract

For many of the projects that you would hire an independent contractor for, there is no legal requirement to have a written contract.   But that doesn’t mean you should rely on just a verbal contract. ...

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Difference between Board of Directors and Officers of HOAs


What are Directors and Officers in a Community Association?

Directors and Officers in Community Associations are required by its Bylaws.  Condominium and Homeowners Associations are required to elect a Board of Directors which is responsible for enforcing its governing documents.   The process for doing so is outlined in their governing documents and is usually found in the Bylaws.

There is a big difference between Directors and Officers:

Directors/Board Members/Board of Directors are the same position

Condo and HOA board members are elected ...

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