Contracting Vendors – Required Documents

Contracting Vendors – Info Needed

Dear Vendor:

Our Association’s policy requires that all partners and vendors with whom we do business supply us with information concerning their operations. This policy is in accordance with good business practices regarding licensing, insurance and taxes.

In order to receive prompt payment, we must have the following information on file:

a. Completed Vendor information Sheet

b. Completed W-9 form for Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number

c. Certificate of Workers Compensation Policy and expiration date

d. An original Certificate of Liability Insurance with coverage of at least $1,000,000 , naming xyz Association as additional insured. This original certificate should also give the expiration date of the policy. We must receive a 30-day notice of cancellation

e. Copy of your Contractors License and expiration date (if applicable)

f. Executed Indemnification agreement

All documentation must be received in our office prior to your commencing services at our property. After initial set-up, please ensure that the documentation is kept current at all times (e.g. current certificate of insurance, contractor’s license, etc.).  If updated documentation is not received by the expiration date, this may result in immediate termination of services.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.

xyz Association


_______________________________(Contractor) shall indemnify xyz Association, and save them harmless from and against any claim, loss, liability, and expense (including attorneys’ fees and court costs) incurred xyz Association arising out of damage to property or injury to, or death of, persons (including the property and personnel of the parties hereto and their agents, subcontractors, and employees) rising out of, or in connection with, the negligent acts of ____________________(Contractor).

_______________________________Contractor further agrees and understands that xyz Association ( Association Management Company)  is not the Owner of the property where the Contractor/Industry Partner is providing service or supplies and is merely acting as Agent for the HOA. Contractor/Industry Partner agrees Agent is not responsible in any way for the financial obligations of the HOA.


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