Understanding Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt Repairs and Issues


WHERE did that pothole come from?  Why does the parking lot look like the surface of the moon?  And when was the last time you thought about your asphalt-maintenance program?

Not long ago I was asked to evaluate the paving in a community that had recently spent $80,000 on an asphalt overlay that was already showing signs of reflective cracking.  One of the first things I did was ask to see all the bids ...

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Structural Defects and Mold Red Flags

Although the housing market has slowed, approximately 80 percent of new construc­tion is still being built as a community association. The recent boom in the housing market has led more people to purchase condomini­ums and townhouses on impulse, without the benefit of several walk­throughs or an inspection by a Profes­sional Engineer. More than likely, this has happened in your community as well. But what does it mean for the association and its residents?

It’s expected that all homes, both ...

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Condo Defects in New and Old Buildings

Top Condo Defects

These are the most common condo defects

1.       LOOSE BALCONY RAILING- Newer construction must not allow a 4” sphere pass through the railing openings. Older buildings may have loose railings and cracks at railing bases due to corrosion and concrete spalling.

2.       EXHAUST VENTS– Bathroom vents either have lint build-up or are ...

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