Compare Condo Assessments

Have you tried to compare condo assessments of a particular condo association

with another one?  

Due to various factors, it’s impossible to make an accurate comparison


There are many reasons why it’s difficult to compare condominiums:

How do you compare condominium assessments

  • Age of the condo buildings may differ
  • Mechanical ...
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Questions for a Buyer’s Agent

There are important questions that you should ask

when using a buyer’s agent to purchase your next home


Important questions homebuyers should ask a potential buyer's agent

  • Will you show me all the homes that meet my needs, including For Sale by Owner homes?
  • Will you guarantee me your undivided loyalty?
  • Will you guarantee me that you will not represent any seller at ...
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HOA and Service of Process

Service of Process is different in every state

The Service of Process Clerk accepts service of process of legal documents (summons & complaints, notices & demands, etc) on behalf of corporations, LLCs and other entities registered with the  Secretary of State.  After receipt, the Agent perfects service by forwarding the documents to the last known address of the Registered Agent.

If the Registered Agent cannot be found:

The Secretary of State becomes the statutory substitute agent for service of process.  They ...

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